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Great weight loss guide: 5 tips to lose weight in a healthy way! 

5 tips to lose weight in a healthy way! 

At the beginning of a weight loss program, losing weight and improving your health is a great goal, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. They are lots of challenges along the way, especially when it comes to something you have to do several times every day – like eating, exercising, and drinking. This is why reading weight loss guide is important to keep you motivated!

Again, you should not try to alter or change everything at once to meet your weight loss diet goals. Continue reading to learn few secrets from the masters – the people who have successfully run their weight loss diet and, most importantly, kept their weight stable. After all, what good will come from losing extra weight if you gain your old weight back after a few months?

In this article, you can find great weight loss guide and weight loss diet plan to help you shred some pounds and becomes healthier.

  1. Following a healthy weight loss diet plan

A healthy diet and eating plan must include foods that you enjoy to eat but at the same time also nutritious and healthy. You should eat more:

  • fruits,
  • low-fat dairy products,
  • vegetables,
  • lean meats
  • whole grains,
  • fish,
  • nuts,
  • and beans.

Thanks to their great ability to make you full vastly, these foods that are low in calories will actually help you stay true to your diet. Great foods have a lot of fiber content (such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and beans) and also low-fat proteins (you can found them in fish, meat, milk and also soy).

Ideally, you will slowly deter yourself from your favorite foods that are high in calories or fat and heavily processed, then you will try to change them with more nutritious foods. At few times during this whole process, do not hesitate to come up with a new weight loss diet plan that increases your consumption of some health foods and try to decreases the others.

Do not worry if you have allergies or intolerances, or if you are a vegetarian. Your personalized weight loss diet plan should not include all of the recommended foods mentioned above, but you should still take proper nutrients. It is advisable for you to take a mineral supplement or multivitamin to fill any nutritional gap.

  1. Take small steps

We have to admit that change is difficult. Making gradual and small changes in your eating habits is one of the best ways to review your diet. Many experts suggest doing just one or two changes each week to make you get used to your new behavior. Your biggest and ultimate goal is to have new eating habits that can be maintained throughout your life.

A great way to start is to stock your refrigerator and cabinet with lots of healthy foods and try to plan to prepare healthy foods at home. Take a new kitchen book or magazine kitchen that are specializing in healthy cooking; post your favorite family recipe on the recipe board. You can also try one of many recipes for weight loss that are available online.

  1. Set ambitious, but realistic goals

Most people who want to lose some weight set ‘crazy’ goals, thinking and dreaming to fit in a clothing size that is actually not realistic for them at all. Even losing as little as 4 up to 8% of your body weight can make you feel better about the way you feel, putting the zip in your pants easier and, above all, improve your overall health status. Many researches or studies reveal that losing tiny amounts of weight can improve your overall health and, in particular, lower blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Make weight loss goals that are achievable and remember that the recommended weight loss rate is only 1-2 pounds only a week. Also, remember that it takes a lot of time to adapt to a new eating habit that you should sustain for the rest of your entire life.

  1. Give rewards, do not punish

To keep you motivated, give yourself a little reward after reaching the your mini goal. After all, losing 4 pounds or going to the gym four times a week deserves you to get a pat on your shoulder.

Also, do not be too hard on yourself when you miss your mini goal – everyone does this, sooner or later. Anticipate and realize that few slipups will happen eventually, and when you do, find your motivation again and go back to the track right. My suggestion is to try to make your best at 80% of the time you have and give the rest 20% of the time to relax.

  1. Get a motivator/ training buddy

Support is a very important part of an effective weight loss program. Involve a friend or a family member to join you for a little walks or exercise. You can also join a weight loss community. Without realizing it, they can become your source of inspiration, encouragement and support on a daily basis; especially when things get hard.


There are 5 main things you can do to achieve your weight loss goals such as follow a healthy weigh loss diet plan, set realistic goals, and be motivated at all times! This weight loss guide was made to help people to reach their desired weight and shape. Hopefully, this weight loss guide can help you to achieve your personal weight loss goals. Good luck!

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