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How to lose 2 pounds a week diet

how to lose 2 pounds a week diet

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In order to lose 2 pounds a week you need to make some simple adjustments in your lifestyle. In most cases, even minor adjustments can make a huge improvement in your weight loss efforts.

Here are some simple steps in order to lose 2 pounds a week:

1. Cut down on empty calories – In today’s society, we all put so much junk into our bodies that it’s no wonder there’s an obesity epidemic. If you want to lose 2 pounds a week, you need to cut down on empty and useless calories. Here’s how: cut down on fast food, fried food, food items with trans fat (read the label on the package if you’re not sure), alcohol, sugary sodas like 7Up, and the like, white carbs like regular rice and white bread. Also turn your snacks into healthy ones by exchanging your regular candy bar for a piece of fresh fruit.

2. Break down your meals – Even if you’re already eating nothing but healthy dishes, by spreading out your calorie intake throughout the day, you will have an easier time of losing 2 lbs a week. If you’re eating large meals, break them down into small meals and snacks. The best number of meals for you to eat is 4–6 each day. This will help your body utilize your calories better instead of turning them into fat.

3. Become more active – Even a slight increase in your physical activity levels can work wonders on your body and help you to lose 2 pounds in 1 week. You don’t need expensive exercise machines or a gym membership. Take a 30–60 minute walk 3–4 times a week, do some bodyweight exercises at home like push ups or squats, climb some stairs, or even go out dancing. Each of these activities will help you burn a lot of calories and lose 2 pounds a week.

4. Avoid stressful situations – Stress is the number 1 cause of binge eating. Even a single binge episode can ruin your weight loss efforts. Stress has also been shown to biologically affect the metabolic process in a negative way. Try to avoid stressful situations and maintain a positive and productive mood.

Do these 4 things and you have every chance to lose 2 pounds a week. I wish you the best of luck in losing weight and keeping it off for years to come.


How To Lose 2 Pounds a Week  Source by John Davenport http://ezinearticles/?expert=John_Davenport

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