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Losing weight fast

Losing weight fast


To lose 5 pounds a week is an achievable goal. it can happen if you would want to, it really can be if ever you want to get success with weight loss, setting goals is a must and by deciding to learn how to lose 5 pounds weekly, will bring you much closer to success. You just need to know how to get to that goal and work with it accordingly.

Losing weight in general is a process that involves determination, discipline and motivation of a person. There are people who cannot wait to shed pounds anymore and would eagerly and crazily want to know how to lose weight fast. Losing weight fast demands taking up programs that are tighter, stricter, and requires an absolute and sudden adjustment to the daily routine. As such, when one sets a goal of shedding 5 pounds in a week, it calls for more concentration and total bodily involvement. If you want to really achieve such goal, you are eager to do what is necessary.

*Diet is one factor that needs to be focus by people who want to lose 5 pounds in 7 days. Again, diet is not about starvation or deprivation of food, rather it is planned healthy meal with the purpose of reducing unwanted calories and fats from the body. As such, here are some helpful tips for you.

1) Concentrating on a reduced starch intake causes bulk of weight addition. This should really be the first step to undergo for an effective weight loss. Analyzing the foods that one eats and reducing the intake or completely avoiding the ones with too much starch is a good idea. Too much start can be converted into fat and will be stored in the body causing weight gain. Remember, eating just the amount that the body needs is best for losing weight.

2) To best reduce any starch intake, a person should list foods that they are eating with large amounts of starch. Examples of those are white bread and pasta.

3) Any unhealthy food may be substituted for food that is good for you such as green leafy vegetables and fruits. Vitamin rich foods are also very good because it boost up our immune system to fight infection or diseases. It is advisable that a person has all meals with vegetables included, meat and salads too. Meats should be lean like those from the chicken, turkey and beef. Meals are taken in regular intervals, usually every 3 hours to reduce overeating and at the same time give the body time for digestion.

4) The amount of food that a person eats matters since too much food will disturb the metabolic processes and digestion. When these happens, the fat burning process will slow down so as the weight loss. As such, it is advisable that people eat smaller amounts of food to give enough room for digestion and to avoid taking in excess.

5) Fiber and water intake are very important. Fibers are very helpful in improving the digestion. It can also help reduce fat by flushing out excess fats from the body through frequent defecation. Fiber rich foods include all bran cereal, beans (kidney and butter), peas, spinach, sweet corn, whole grain brown bread, red cabbage, carrots, apples, oranges, etc.

Water is as important as any diet plan. By drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily, it doesn’t just cleanse our body from toxins, but it also prevent us from being hungry. Hydration is also important, so hen exercising more often, one needs to fully replace the lost water from sweating.

6) Avoid intake of sweets such as cakes, chocolate, cookies, etc. too much sugar in the body can be converted into fats and will be stored in the body. Your favorite soft drinks as your partner in every meal should also be avoided.

7) Practice the habit of not eating after 7 pm. Your digestion at night slows down, so as the fat burning process. When you eat foods right before you sleep, you feel so full and bloated, that’s because of slowed digestion. When you eat more likely snacks in the evening, it will cause you weight gain.

*Exercise is also a big deal in every weight loss program. Diet can be very effective when bind with exercise. So, if you want to lose 5 pounds a week, diet and exercise should go hand in hand, not only they can lead to burning a lot of stored fats but they can also make you healthy. Since we are done with the diet guidelines, here are some tips for your exercise to be effective.

Aerobic/cardiovascular exercises are always included because by doing these; they improve our flow of circulation in the body and enhance our breathing. The more aerobics, the more we can bear long period of exercises. Examples for these exercises are swimming, cycling, walking, jogging, tread milling, stationary biking, etc. These types of exercise can burn stored fat built up in the body.
Think of some other medium impact activity. You can do jumping rope that works well in your upper and lower body. When you engage in sports, you can do it as well. Just do those exercises even 30 minutes each day. It will really help you shed those 5 pounds in one week.
All those simple exercises are a good way to induce sleep. After every exercise, you need to sleep well 8 hours in 24 hours to regain the energy you needed for the day. Remember, stress can keep you gain weight, so give value of rest once in a while if you really want to lose 5 pounds a week.

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