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i want to lose weight fast and easily

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i want to lose weight fast and easily

A cry for help because you want to lose weight fast is just the wake up you need to give yourself. I will show you how to lose weight fast, but also keep it off and stay lean, sexy and feel confident and amazing. There are two things you MUST realize in order to lose weight:

  1. Body fat is not genetic
  2. Weight loss means you lose weight, you want to lose FAT, not weight

I say it is not genetic, because that is true. It may be a genetic mishap that you are born to overweight parents and because of that, you are brought up around unhealthy foods, but it does NOT make you overweight because of genetics.

Yes, some people put on weight easier than others, and if this is you, you get no points for complaining about it and being fat. You DO get points if you admit it, and then take the necessary steps to burn the fat and stay in good shape.

Weight loss is a terrible word. Weight loss is easy. Just stop drinking water and eating and you will lose heaps of weight.

The only bad point is that you will become so sick and weak and die in about 2 days.

What you meant to say is “fat loss“.

When you go on drastic diets and see “amazing results in just 2 days”, it is just your body losing water weight.

The way to lasting “weight loss” is to lose body fat.

This is achieved by:

  • Cutting out all the crap in your diet such as soda, sugary treats, baked goods, chocolate, lollies, donuts, crisps, fast food, pizza etc.
  • Replace all of this junk with foods that have 1 ingredient – themselves. Foods such as veggies, meats, fruits, nuts, seeds etc.
  • Replace soda with coffee or tea with no sugar.
  • Do cardio (doesn’t matter what sort of cardio) for 30-45 minutes 4-5 times per week

If you follow these guidelines, you can not NOT lose weight.

If you want even more secrets, tips and strategies for absolutely nothing, I want to be the one to give these to you.


I Want To Lose Weight Fast!&id=5053770 Source by http://ezinearticles/?expert=Johnny_Palmer”>Johnny Palmer

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