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Lose Weight In A Week And Become Sexy And Slim

Lose Weight In A Week And Become Sexy And Slim

Lose Weight In A Week And Become Sexy And Slim

Lose weight in a week is a worthy goal to make, but how realistic is it? Most people go on a diet expecting to lose weight over a long period of time. But what happens when there is a looming deadline? Maybe it’s a wedding, or a party, or perhaps you want to look good for a job interview. There are countless reasons why someone would want to lose weight in a week, and it would take years to discuss them all.

But that’s not the reason you’re here. You’re here because you want to learn how to lose weight in a week. So without rambling any further, here are 5 tips:

  1. Water you waiting for? 70% of your body is water so make sure you hydrate it. Quench your thirst when it comes – your body will function more successfully if it has sufficient fluid inside it. If you’re worried about water weight, remember that you’re body is more likely to hold onto water if it’s not getting enough.
  2. Snack on grapes. Whack them in the fridge and when you get the nibbles pull them out. They are much better than biscuits or chips, and they taste better too! 100 grams of grapes contains only 70 calories so you are far from gaining weight. Just don’t eat too many or you’ll hit a sugar high.
  3. Small meals, more meals. One of the worst ways you can eat is wait 5-6 hours and then pig out. Instead, try eating smaller meal portions throughout the day but more frequently. Research has shown that this is more likely to burn fat. Do this and you’ll likely lose weight in a week.
  4. Say goodbye to Ronald. Most fast food is junk and does not do your body any good. Of course, it won’t hurt every now and then, but to lose weight in a week, you’re going to want to stay off it. Satisfy your cravings with something healthy such as a chicken roll.
  5. Go for a walk. Most diets have something in the fine print that says: “To be used in conjunction with proper fitness and exercise”. Go walking. Or if you feel like running, go running. The point is to get your body working. 30 minutes exercise a day is enough; however the more you do the better it will be for you.

You can easily lose weight in a week using these tips. The amount will vary from person to person, however if you commit to it you will see some form of success.

Pay attention to changes that happen, and keep reminding yourself of how good it will be to lose weight. Never lose sight of your goal. Don’t ever give up. If you combine the tips above, with a proper diet and exercise plan you will definitely lose weight in a week.

Lose Weight In A Week And Become Sexy And Slim Source by Adam Palmer http://ezinearticles/?expert=Adam_Palmer

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